Product designer

About me.

I've been designing software products since 2005. In recent years, I’ve been working for Welcome Pickups, and Yandex. In-between, I took part in a few startups and started one of my own.

The latter was Lilata, an English-learning app. I assembled a small team and we spent a year building an MVP and iterating on it. Unfortunately, it didn't get enough traction. However, I tried my hand at everything that could be done in a consumer software product, from coding to user acquisition.

Before that, for 2.5 years I led product design at Welcome Pickups. It's a startup which offers taxi services for travelers all over the world. Airport pickups, dropoffs, in-city rides, and private sightseeing rides. Together with two talented designers I hired, we iteratively remade all existing product parts and created a few completely new ones. We improved booking conversion rates, increased revenue per booking, cut down on support expenses, helped drivers provide better experience to customers, created a design system, and helped the company successfully get through the COVID pandemic.

Before Welcome Pickups I spent 2.5 years as a senior designer at Yandex, which is basically Russia's Google. They do web search, email, news, have their own browser, and make billions of dollars through advertising. I was in charge of designing Yandex's ad management systems. After 12 years without a major redesign, I created the first version of an ideologically new web interface which began a tectonic shift in the product's user experience. I also completely redesigned the desktop app, earning great reviews from users and helping the team drastically shorten the product cycle.


Currently I live in Yerevan, Armenia, but I plan on moving westward.

Creating products is my life. This is what I love and what I'm good at. I learn like you wouldn't believe and get things done. Have some product goals to achieve? Let's have a chat.